Hi, I am Mark Payne and I created the Edmonton Dragon Boat Festival Association with my friends to share the wonders of the festival with the whole world. We are big fans of the Chinese culture and enjoy rowing, which makes this event a real treat for us.

It all started with us getting together and sharing the pictures we had taken over the years at the festival. I realized that we all focused on different details of the competition and the overall environment of the event, as there is always so much to see.

I started wondering what would happen if we all shared our insights and points of view with others.

This is when I created the magazine as a space to talk about what I had seen and what my friends told me they enjoyed the most. Although initially, it was great to do it on my own, I found that I wanted to have them join in and write their own experiences and tips directly.

Thus, we all came together, and this magazine became our place to express just how much we admire the aspects of Chinese culture displayed at the festival. We talk about the history, the food, the competition, the boats, the tradition, and we are only getting started.

Our goal is for everybody to discover what the festival has to offer and just how impressive it can be, as we want vendors and visitors to be encouraged to participate. Sharing all the experiences we have had is the best way we know to let you in on why this event should be on your to-do list each year.

If you are thinking of visiting the city, make sure you read our blog to learn about the incredible and unique opportunities that the festival has to offer for entertainment and business.