Online Casinos Sponsoring Dragon Boat Festivals

The Dragon Boat Festival in Edmonton encourages any kind of company, brand, or individuals to sponsor the event, and online casinos are no exception. While it is more common to see vendors, food establishments, and hotels sponsoring this festival, online casinos have also learned to take advantage of the opportunity.

Why Sponsor

The organizers that plan the monster event to celebrate Chinese culture in Edmonton, offer advertisement options that are worth more than online casinos end up investing. The millions of festival attendees are exposed to the casino’s offers and services and this broadens the reach all across the country.

Additionally, the casino employees get to learn about the event and the traditions that led to its creation all those years ago.

The Options

The other reason why online casinos can invest in sponsoring Edmonton’s Dragon Boat Festival is the variety of options they can choose from. They can give as much as 10,000 to be an event partner and enjoy benefits that include being mentioned during the event, having their banners displayed, and even VIP seating.

But choices range from $7,500 to as little as $250, all of which come with attractive benefits that online casinos like playamo have learned to appreciate.

The Working Team

The festival arranges for a friendly team of experts to handle all the requirements of the casinos that decide to contribute to a win-win relationship. Their good name gives the company an added trust boost among attendees.

The Process

Becoming a sponsor is easy and quick, as interested casinos only have to visit their website and find the sponsorship application form. It is a simple form to complete and send via email to the event organizers.

The online casino industry is fiercely filled with competition and Edmonton’s Dragon Boats Festival provides them with a unique opportunity to be advertised and earn users’ trust.