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The Articles

There are several details that competitors have to keep in mind if they want to participate in the boat race events. All our subscribers will have access to the articles we write describing the requirements to be accepted and the tips and suggestions to have better chances of winning.

We regularly write reviews of the boats and rowers that made an impact on each year’s competition, as this inspires you and provides insights on what you can do yourself. Additionally, we share information for sponsors and vendors to learn about the business opportunities that the festival offers.

The Bonus Benefits

Along with access to exclusive articles, we frequently make contests to reward the best festival pictures with the Edmonton Dragon Boat Festival Association’s shirts and mugs. If you want to display your knowledge of Chinese culture, we also have trivia and games where the winner gets free Chinese meals and many other great prizes.

Finally, in the month before the festival, we have raffles where you can win tickets for food or memorabilia at the event.

How to Subscribe

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