For those of you who are looking to learn more about Chinese culture to be ready for what you can find at Edmonton’s Dragon Boats Festival, we have a few useful links.

The China Traveler – YouTube Channel

This is the perfect place to learn more about Chinese culture and its traditions, from a foreigner’s point of view. It has videos talking about the festival and a great many other topics in a fun tone.

China Highlights – Website

A website filled with information on the most prominent aspects of Chinese culture, with comprehensive explanations that are aimed at being easy for anyone to understand.

The World of Chinese – Magazine

If you want to read about everything Chinese, you will find articles to enlighten you and satisfy your curiosity in this magazine. The World of Chinese has information about the country’s cuisine that you want to read to learn what you can try in the Dragon Boats Festival, along with many other topics.

Chinese Culture – Blog

In this blog, you find posts discussing fun facts regarding the Chinese culture and the country’s rich culture. Learn about the significance of dragons and the millenary traditions attached to them. Chinese Culture also explains how the colours are handled and a section with proverbs that have been made famous through the years.

Edmonton Dragon Boat Festival – Official Website

This is the place to go for detailed information about the scheduling of each year’s festival in Edmonton. The official website has all the information that sponsors need to contact the organizers to contribute, along with the requirements for participating in the competition.

We highly recommend you add these links to the list of sites you will check out before heading to the next Dragon Boats Festival in Edmonton.