Why You Should Experience Edmonton’s Dragon Boat Festival

If you have never gone to this event, you should know that there are more than a few reasons to pack your bags and get ready to have the time of your life. Why should you experience Edmonton’s Dragon Boat Festival?

The Traditional Chinese Lion Dance

Performed at the opening ceremony, this beautiful dance is done by two performers under a dragon costume. They hold the dragon with poles and move to mimic the animal’s movements in a dance that is a sight to see.

The Competitions

For rowing fans, dragon boat competitions are an exciting new way to enjoy this sport because there are many categories to see. You can witness the novice challenge, the Grand Master Dragon challenge, and the Pink Ribbon challenge, all races where paddlers give their best to win the gold medal.

Martial Arts Demonstrations

One of the most famous parts of Chinese culture is its martial arts and at this festival, you can watch wonderful demonstrations of the most prominent athletes.

Yoga Routines

At this event, you can participate in yoga routines given by experienced yogis that are sure to help you unwind from any stress you might have. You will end up feeling good as new to enjoy the rest of the festival.

Fun for the Whole Family

If you take your children to the event, they can enjoy the Little Dragons family fun area, where there are balloon artists, art workshops, and jumping castles. After these activities, you can all go to the beverage gardens and enjoy a glass of wine, and water or juice for the little ones.


All party animals will love the after-parties offered Friday and Saturday night at several venues that sponsor the festival. Places like the Canadian Brewhouse and Kosmos have hosted excellent parties in past events, and there are discounts on accommodation for festival attendees.


Throughout the festival, you can go visit the trucks where you can fill your bottle with drinking water. There are also showers available near the restrooms, for you to refresh yourself without having to return to your accommodation.

Food trucks

If you get hungry, you won’t have to go far to find delicious meals provided by food trucks belonging to several companies like Lemon Grass Grill and The Purple Perogy. You can also have a cup of coffee to recover from Saturday night’s partying at Aurora Coffee.

We know whether you go alone or with your little ones, Edmonton’s Dragon Boat Festival is an opportunity to have fun. If you are a rowing or martial arts lover, the races and demonstrations are going to make your day.